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Sheet music for Vocalize Choir

  The Songs  

Help us choose the songs!


At Vocalize community choir, we sing a great mix of songs completely chosen by the choir members and arranged by our choir leader, Sarah. Genres of song can range from pop to folk, rock to gospel, barbershop to classical and soul to musical theatre: whatever YOU’D like to sing!


You can still vote for your favourite songs from the poll below. Please vote for as many as you want and even add some of your own suggestions to the list for people to vote for them too - do this by emailing us your suggestions as unfortunately, only admin can add options to the poll. 


Recently, we have been singing:


Proud Mary

Beach Boys Medley

Happy Ending / With or Without you mashup

Sweet Caroline

Writing's On The Wall

Bui Doi


Once you join the choir, you will have access to a dropbox account that contains all the music and harmonies for the songs we have been learning.

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